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wysiwyg* is an owner-managed full-service multimedia agency. Since 1994 we have been developing interactive applications and appearances for brands, products and companies. wysiwyg* is able to solve complex tasks convincingly in a short time due to the continuity in the relationship with its employees and customers. We develop creative concepts and lean technical solutions that are easily accessible.


founded 1994, 1.67 Mio Euro 2003, 4.12 Mio Euro 2012, 39 employees, 5.14 Mio Euro 2017, 46 employees. Managing Director is Florian Breiter, owners are Florian Breiter, Alexander Koch and Siegfried Osterloh.


wysiwyg* software design GmbH. Strese­mann­straße 26, 40210 Düsseldorf, Commercial Register AG Düsseldorf, HRB 31084, VAT-No. DE811799982. Tel. 0211.86701-0, Fax 0211.134679, info(a)wysiwyg.de

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"what you see is what you get" is the long version of our company name. But we didn't invent it, and in and around wikipedia there are some stories about where it might have come from. The most obvious explanation is: from Xerox PARC, where desktop publishing originated. The principle "to see (on the screen) what you get afterwards (from the printer)" was the hype around 1980.

But Xerox didn't invent the phrase itself, and it is said that the whole phrase came from a US television show or from the advertising banners (made of fabric, not pixels) on the tents where the first film screenings took place at fairs at the end of the 19th century (in England). Or from a Dolly Parton song. So, from the last millennium then.

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