Software Tenant Association

Filling the office shelf with colourful software boxes and installing powerful application packages that can do more than you'll ever need is just something for companies with very large budgets and even larger wall units.

T-Home is well aware of this and has therefore come up with the IT software service for small companies. This is where software is rented instead of bought. At the size and for the time you need it. The software is installed and operated on the servers of T-Home.

Thus, the user can always access his applications wherever he is. And he doesn't have to worry about anything as boring as updates and patches.

wysiwyg has come up with the right interaction interface for the IT software service. In clearly structured sections, users can view and launch their applications, create colleagues as users,assign software to their colleagues and manage it.


Now you see me…

Assigning and removing a user's program licenses is very easily done with drag'n'drop. The user interface always displays the available quantity of free licenses.

Wherever, whenever

Not only can the applications be accessed from any location with an Internet connection, the user can also change the order of the software on the start page of the IT-SoftwareService at will.

Super-nice everywhere

If work, at least nice looking work. The IT software service was implemented by wysiwyg as one of the first projects along the framework of the new style guide of the Telekom Group.


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