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Three Sites. One brand identity. Every product a star

Ergon offers various accessory products, which all originate from a common philosophy. In the same spirit, wysiwyg* has created four websites according to a unifying design concept, thus visually uniting the various product lines Ergon Bike, Snow and Outdoor. In the same step an own site for the Topeak Ergon Racing Team was created and also integrated into the overall concept.

Within the Ergon presentation, unrestricted attention belongs to the products: Thanks to visual navigation, handles, backpacks, etc. present their smart design at the top level. If you click on a detail page, the experience is enriched by a smooth 3D view and a zoom that readily shows every detail of the high quality constructions. Under "Ergonomics", animated illustrations demonstrate the concept that makes Ergon products so unique.


The turnaround

No less than 1600 individual images are hidden backstage behind every 3D product view. One rotation consists of 20 frames. Each of these 20 is additionally stored in three different resolutions to allow smooth zooming in and out. The zoom image itself is a mosaic of countless, high-resolution individual images, so that when you zoom in, you don't always have to load the whole huge image, but only the part that appears in the window.

Quick and dirty

That's what the bike racers of the Ergon sponsored racing team are like. The corresponding website proves: this looks awesome. And don't be afraid to click through energetically: The mud stains will come off easily.

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