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Sales consultant, receptionist, mechanic in one

Canyon wants to answer all its customers' questions online before, during and after the purchase of a Canyon bike. In the extensive service area, many tools and applications are reliably at the Canyon customer's side - from browsing the online shop to delivery and beyond.

Buying a bike from a direct seller always raises the question of whether you have really chosen the right frame size. In contrast to real trade, where a fitting would be possible, one must actually know its size already with an on-line purchase, before the purchase. That's not necessary with Canyon. Canyon has developed the Perfect Position System to determine the right size simply, reliably and visually fantastic and to adequately replace a real fitting. Like a tailor, all lengths and dimensions required for dimensioning are taken by the customer and entered into the PPS module on the website.

From these values, the online tool realised by wysiwyg* determines the suitable frame height for all Canyon bike models. In addition, the customer is even depicted as a silhouette in the correct proportion on his bike. So he can immediately check how well the new bike will suit him.



Once you have decided on "your" bike in the Canyon offer, sooner or later the question arises how quickly you can hold it in your hands. In the past, this could only be communicated to the customer after the order had been placed.

Today Canyon can provide this information much earlier, so that wysiwyg* could integrate an availability display for every single bike model, with all equipment, in every size, in every color, with which the customer can see if and when his desired bike is available. In addition, a tabular overview was created in which you can see at a glance which bikes can be picked up immediately, delivered immediately or are available at particularly low prices in the outlet.

Technical Support Center

Crunch, creak or crack. There are plenty of reasons to want to fiddle with your Canyon, whether necessary or not. In the past, customers often made the same technical inquiries to the service hotline. In the technical support center, the dedicated self-tacker can now find over 250 instructions for self-help. As a result, the hotline recorded a decrease in technical inquiries of up to 50%.

And: Canyon has a central place for all handbooks where you can find the documentation for your own bikes as well as specific sheets and manuals from suppliers. The customer indicates his bike and sees all the manuals available for his bike.


Forms that simply offer service

In the past, customers often sent in their defective bikes unsolicited, which the service mechanics called "Kinder Surprise". This of course led to problems in the workshop.

wysiwyg* identified the four typical customer concerns and designed specific online forms that the customer can use to send their problems to the right contact person. Even if this means that mechanics will have to resort to chocolate eggs for surprises in the future.

Collect online

As a direct seller, Canyon usually ships its bikes by post delivery. Alternatively, you can also pick up your new favourite at the showroom. Previously, customers usually came unannounced and usually on Saturdays.

In order to ease this hardly controllable impact, wysiwyg* has set up an online appointment system with which customers can give themselves an individual pick-up appointment. So the participants meet relaxed at the agreed date and there is also time for a coffee prepared by a well trained barista in the Canyon Home.

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