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Until civil servants start using a new tool- it takes time. That's why the Public Sector Job Exchange, together with its lead agency brandrelation has developed campaigns to promote the popularity of the job exchange. As an agency for web and mobile, wysiwyg* was responsible for the detailed concept and implementation.

The job search goes mobile. Beside the uncomplicated quick search, there are helpful possibilities for search refinement, e.g. a freely definable distance radius, and in addition a clear google.maps map view. A career quiz rounds off the application. Here the user is prepared playfully for a hopefully soon job interview.

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An important step towards the dissemination of Interamt is also to recruit potential future public service employees, i.e. apprentices, trainees and students. Since very few people declare "civil servant" as their career aspiration, an information campaign is needed to illustrate the versatility and attractiveness of the public service.

The message is conveyed to the appropriate target group with the help of a compact video site that leaves it up to the user to decide how and to what extent he wants to approach the subject: via the experience reports on video or with texts that underline the message, or via the job finder which introduces the public sector to the broad spectrum of work on the basis of his or her own abilities and interests. It goes without saying that the public sector must also be convincing on the iPhone and iPad. That's why the video site - which looks like a flash site with its rotating homepage elements - is actually realised in HTML 5.

2011 – 2017
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