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ESPRIT Campaign – Make Your Wish

Santa, what are you paying for an interface? That would be interesting for the man in esprit red. After all, is where the wishes of users from all over the world come in. Make your wish - that is the call of the current global Esprit campaign. The fulfillment of the imperative formulated in print and TV naturally takes place on the web., technically supported by wysiwyg*, provides the central, international platform for this campaign. Here the user can upload his wish (video, or photo and text) via a flash tool, edit it and share it with the world. This wish is united with others on the opulent pinboard of the Esprit Community, which anyone interested can roam to their heart's content.

An editorial office releases the uploaded wishes via the wysiwyg* CMS. The aim is to ensure that all requests for all languages are checked within 24 hours and thus appear on the website. For this purpose, the system automatically informs the editors for the individual languages of newly uploaded requests by e-mail.

Digital advertising worldwide

Long live diversity! Even at the national level there is a lack of uniform standards for digital advertising formats, and all conceivable combinations of edge lengths, file formats, etc. are circulating. As coordinator of the complete international make your wish media campaign for web and digital signage, wysiwyg* has produced and delivered over a thousand static formats, animations and videos in over 300 variations.

Make Your Wish app
ESPRIT Make Your Wish – in der App

Good response time

Since the beginning of the campaign, has been supplied with content globally via a Content Delivery Network, a worldwide network of servers, from Esprit Germany. Thanks to these local servers, Chinese page views, for example, no longer have to travel a long way to the wysiwyg* server room, and faster surfing in our campaign countries is guaranteed.

The app for iPhone and iPad developed by wysiwyg* was also expanded in the course of the campaign. The previous versions focused on the presentation: selected styles, season videos, news about outfits and shopping events, as well as the possibility of distribution via e-mail or Facebook and the practical store finder.

With the latest update, the app is now more lively and as a result the user more active: in the "Styles" section, you can now find the latest outfits and promotions, and currently make your wish. Here the user can add his own wish while being on the move: Take a picture or video, process it into a wish via the app and upload it.

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