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German Association for „Out of home“ Advertising

With the campaign „Außenwerbung trifft. Jeden“ the Fachverband Außenwerbung e.V.(FAW) is impressively demonstrating media decision-makers the potential of out-of-home media. Of course, this also includes the fact that the campaign, which runs on ten thousand billboards and displays throughout Germany, will be continued on the Internet. This, with the clear goal of distributing further information material, cases and current studies.

The website was conceived and realised by wysiwyg* according to an idea of the agency schoepfung. The modern user guidance (parallax) invites you to experience the sensational poster motifs in a media-appropriate way. Colour circles, which move in line with the user's interaction, offer unobtrusive, in-depth information and downloads and thus - true to the campaign motto - always "meet" their prospective customers.

Real eye-catcher and clicker

Scaling images and an ingenious arrangement of the side elements ensure that this feast of colours is optimally exploited on a maximum number of devices.

The success measurement not only proves the nationwide success of the campaign, but also a powerful conversion to the web: without an explicit call to action or a QR code strategy, an above-average number of visits were recorded and over 20% of visitors downloaded additional material.

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