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"Parallax" is the name given to the type of small, original, narrative microsites currently frequently found. All contents are arranged in a single, long page, which the user can scroll through one after the other. The "gag" is the optical effect of the elements moving at different speeds and in different directions.

When the Esprit brand area was to be given a new, visually exciting introduction, parallax naturally came into play. It is important to know that parallaxes are technically individual works of art: Each individual element (image, button, text) is assigned a position and a motion path, which must be coordinated with all the other elements running into each other. If you change an element, the structure gets mixed up.


Elaborate but fast turning - this is fashion

A parallax for the Esprit homepage must of course function much more flexibly: New collections and themes have to be integrated permanently and as uncomplicatedly as possible. In addition, the priority of the themes and thus their position and the entire scenic process is constantly changing. Additionally, of course, everything must run flawlessly on a wide variety of devices (PC, mobile phone, tablet) and browsers.

To ensure this, wysiwyg* developed a modular, completely Javascript based application totally by itself. Here the programmer defines the requirements from which the application generates the HTML suitable for all playout. In this way, the parallax runs both in the year-old Internet Explorer 6 and on the iPad (which is particularly difficult because scrolling works differently there). Now even extensive updates can be implemented in an uncomplicated and cost-saving manner.

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wysiwyg* custom

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