Canyon Captured.
21 Bikes in 24 Hours.

The bike manufacturer Canyon had taken the 100th Tour de France as an opportunity to launch a limited edition of the successful Ultimate CF SLX frame, which is equipped with the finest road bike components currently on the market. Limited to 21 copies, each one bears the name of one of the 21 tour stages.

In order to appreciate this exceptional bike, wysiwyg* proposed its own microsite. This is dedicated entirely to the presentation of this masterpiece. The frame and especially its exclusive components are opulently presented , plus the happy buyers receive the photo book of the long-time tour photographer Tino Pohlmann, as an encore.

In addition to the standard mobile code structure, the large operating elements ensure that this page can also be operated optimally on various terminal devices. Because mobile phone and above all Tablet are not only the usual access media of the target group, but are also excellently suited to celebrating so much beauty accordingly. Even the availability display, which shows the stage bikes still up for sale, is lovingly designed.

So, it's almost a pity that it took just 24 hours until all 10,000 Euro racers received the flag "sold".

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