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Elektror Airsystems Website

Elektror is an international supplier of air technology with a comprehensive range of products and services. Elektror fans range in size from case to garage, can be used for cooling, suction, ventilation, heating, pressure generation and much more in all areas of industry.

Elektror's real strength lies in its ability to provide customised solutions, which further increases the variety of services and products that can be purchased. This offer had to be communicated in sufficient detail to the technically experienced target group in order to transform interest into qualified contacts.

The focus is on the product finder, which finds the right products for the engineer in relation to his parameters and shows the relevant values. To depict these complex service areas with two to six digit values together with additional parameters on a website in a meaningful way and to create the correspondingly prepared product database alone, required the joint effort of customer and agency.


Now the user can evaluate the search result in relation to his "working point" and directly compare selected models with each other.

The area of individual solutions or versatility and innovative power of Elektror engineers is opened up by best cases, a comprehensive example picture gallery and above all: the communicative level.

For this purpose, wysiwyg* completely reworked the CD of the online presence and staged the technical world of Elektror in brilliant motifs, on the one hand, but also accompanied by the "human capital" of the company on the other: Authentic employee personalities who create unusual, individual solutions for their customers with their ideas and experience in ventilation technology.

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