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Roof and Solar Technology

wysiwyg* provided the design and concept for Roto's corporate identity, which serves both the professional audience and the interested public. The focus was on the special needs of the target groups. Through a detailed target group analysis with surveys and user tests among craftsmen and architects, we have created the basis for this so that the website is now based on three main pillars: products, service and topics.

As a classic, German quality manufacturer, product and technology are the be-all and end-all for Roto. Clear product presentation, product comparison and the roof window finder cover the entire spectrum.

In addition, the extensive range of services was restructured, target-group-specific and according to routine processes. The tailor-made navigation concept now allows the user to find everything from premium mini coopers for successful craftsmen, to assembly and installation instructions, in just a few clicks. Finally, the topic area tells about how Roto products can make life easier and for which problems Roto offers creative solutions for the home owner.

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