Tino Pohlmann
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The new website of the photographer Tino Pohlmann shows how beautiful it can be when one's own work is explorable through images. The whole website is a single fantastic series of pictures, even the navigation of the homepage reveals an image layer beneath the punched font, as if the world of Tino Pohlmann was just waiting to be revealed.

Portraits, landscapes, design bikes populate this world, sliding in rows vertically and horizontally across the screen. Skillful loops and cross connections to other areas save the viewer the sadness of a dead end. The fact that a hundred high-resolution images can be enjoyed without disturbances and jolts is due to sophisticated presentation finesse.


Thus, almost imperceptibly smaller resolutions are shown in preview to serve the user without delay, at the same time elements are permanently loaded in the background after ingenious prioritisations, in order to prepare the next click. Fully responsive, the site convinces on any device equally.

In terms of design, the page with its puristic black and white deliberately withdraws to leave the stage entirely to the photographs. The Lightbox offers a very practical feature for the primary target group of art buyers: At the click of a mouse, images move into a selection and can be downloaded as a folder directly in printable resolution.

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red dot Communication Design 2014
Annual Multimedia 2015
Jahr der Werbung - Bester der Branche 2015
iF Communication Design Award 2015
Awwwards Honorable Mention 2015

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