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If one of the most exciting German companies in the sporting goods sector, supplier of two Pro-Tour teams, is looking for new talent, this should also be done in an ambitious and motivating way. The new career area of Canyon Bicycles should not only live up to the attractiveness of this top brand of cycling, but should also reflect the family atmosphere of the enthusiastic medium-sized company.

As an alternative to the often authority-like branched structures of job pages, all essential contents should be held together here on a compact page.

Large-format word-picture messages, which are fun and convey values en passant, form the starting point: Naturalness, cycling madness, flexibility, community spirit. This "poster format" is ideally suited for distribution in social networks. As you scroll down, the level of detail increases even further: a division overview, selected top jobs and finally the complete list, including filter options. And as always the specific tone makes the difference - when "dream job" replaces "job advertisements" or "I want to become" animates to click on job offers.

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