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From every terminal to every dream destination

"The vamos catalogue is like a treasure chest," says the company founder, alluding to the more than 150 wonderfully individual guesthouses in which families experience very special holidays. wysiwyg* immediately realised that this task cannot be met with the usual automation and standardisation mechanisms, that the treasure chest cannot be pressed into an "out-of-the-box" solution. Instead, a way was found to professionalise the company's web-based processes and at the same time make the treasure sparkle.

In two workshops realistic possibilities were shown in advance how the online sector can best support the company and together the strategic and communicative basic direction was developed. The brand presentation is central and key: The emotional promise of unique holidays and loving care can be really felt through the pictorial storytelling, the correct content prioritisation and curation and last but not least, their consolidation.


For the technical realisation of the responsive website, the CMS TYPO3 Neos was jointly chosen, the trend-setting successor of the popular TYPO3 with many advantages, both for programming and for editors. Connected via interface and middleware to the in-house ERP, the website no longer forms an external island in the technical vamos architecture that needs to be maintained additionally, but rather obtains almost all travel content automatically from the ERP.

This also applies to the many thousands of images that are automatically provided by a wysiwyg* image converter in conjunction with "adaptive images" in numerous resolutions for various formats and terminal device types. In this way, the new website will not only be able to display travel, show availability, calculate individually assembled prices and complete booking processes, but will also generate enormous savings in editorial maintenance in the medium term.

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