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Exclusivity - accessible to everyone

Strenesse's new online shop was designed to meet all today's technical standards, while at the same time being highly individual and worthy of representing the uniqueness of this fashion brand. For this reason, the popular e-commerce framework Shopware was chosen as the technical basis, but modified with customized templates, plugins developed by the company itself and additional interfaces in such a way that the special needs of the customer and the brand were met.

Strenesse offers "affordable luxury". Transported to the website this means: being a premium brand, but accessible to everyone. Thus, from a communicative and creative point of view, a high-quality brand appearance is created that does not require pomp, but lets its products speak for themselves in puristic directness. Technical accessibility is ensured by the responsive design, which provides an excellent Strenesse experience on all common end devices.

Strenesse – verschiedene Viewports und Funktionen

After a workshop with the customer, the project was divided into individual work packages during the conception phase and implemented step by step. The former main navigation, a conglomeration of themes and product groups, was structured, thematically oriented purely towards fashion for both "Men" and "Women".

The central image stage of the homepage has been significantly extended compared to the standard plugin of Shopware. Among other things, the CMS now allows editors to select the focus of each image themselves. Since the system calculates a hundred different proportions for each photo - to serve all screen resolutions - the fashion editor retains sovereignty over the picture and its message. In the backend, the Shopware API integrates the contents of the INTEX merchandise management system and the fulfillment provider docdata into the Shopware presence.

2015 – 2020
Shopware 4
iF Communication Design 2016
red dot Communication Design 2015
Jahr der Werbung Branchenvergleich 2016
Deutscher Designer Club Gute Gestaltung 2016

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