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The American company Fallbrook Technologies has developed the first truly continuously variable transmission and has now launched it on the European market as a wheel transmission. For the target group, primarily e-bikers, the exact technological advantage which can be achieved - What is infinitely variable? What is automatic? How does the combination work? This is not easily explained. But people are quickly convinced when they are allowed to try such a bike. And indeed, the website first shows the experience and not the technology. Large-format images put the visitor directly in the driving situation, compact text pieces convey a quick understanding of the advantages of this technology. In addition, the real experience always beckons at the edge of the screen - and establishes contact with test centers at the click of a mouse.

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The technical information is consciously positioned in the second row, but is offered to the interested party, for voluntary involvement at every point.. Thus the site serves two initially contrary user needs: The supposed "shift rotors", who don't want to deal with gears and any gear ratios, can experience the product emotionally and kinesthetically, and despite this, the technically adept and interested can still find everything about self-lubricating ball bearings, intelligent control units and detail specifications.
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