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As part of a new digital strategy, thyssenkrupp Materials Services is, for the first time, creating an offer for small business customers and consumers: Small quantities can be ordered directly online in a shop with 65,000 products. To date, thyssenkrupp has had to deal with specialist customers, who have also been supported by the sales department. But how do you address ambitious DIY enthusiasts, for example? How is this depth of offer conveyed in a compact way? As a long-standing partner, wysiwyg* created the communicative, structural concept, provided technical advice and developed the design of this completely new second brand.

After strategy and rough concept, a brand was developed together from the ground up: Name finding, claim and logo design. It was clear that communication had to be completely different: a separate tone of voice was part of it and completely new consulting elements were created in places where thyssenkrupp had previously required enormous detailed knowledge.

In the structural concept, direct comprehensive access to the product range was created, which can be equally intuitively accessed via the two decisive criteria: the desired material of the product, as well as its shape. Here, the new responsive design provided the key to the site's comprehensibility. Specially created illustrations instead of myriads of product images not only simplify the responsive display of various resolutions, but also illustrate very clearly the morphological specifications of the products. In contrast, the continuous colour coding always indicates the respective material of the products. This creates an appealing, always tidy impression and a user-friendliness that one would not have expected in this subject area.

Strategy and Technology
IA, UX and Copywriting
Shop layout, logo and illustration

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