Esprit #ImPerfect
You're the campaign!

The new international Esprit campaign, which has a large reach, is consistently focused on social networks. wysiwyg* and Zora Design developed their digital home on and staged the viral return channel of the campaign. #ImPerfect combines classic media and selfie culture, it's the poster call to all of us: Forget the model and the high gloss. You're your own definition of "perfect." You're the campaign! In this sense, the platform was not only regarded as the usual extension into the network, but as an elementary building block. And in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Co. it should offer a possibility to upload and share your own #ImPerfect contributions.

The Selfie always means the moment, the here and now. So it's clear that maximum accessibility and an intuitive, smooth process must be guaranteed with every photo upload, no matter whether via the preferred social network or via the upload tool of the website or the Esprit app. In addition, the tool offers decorative added value with a small, intuitive palette of freely positionable and scalable graphic objects. Attractive sharing functions complete the circle of the successful 360-degree campaign — which mixes print motifs with the branded user contributions.

CSS/JS framework
wysiwyg* custom

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