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Germany's No. 1 for fine and artist papers has more than 4,500 articles in 350 categories. The big challenge was to import this extensive and very heterogeneous portfolio without errors, to present it in a structured way, to highlight the individual subtleties of each paper and to guide the customer through a comfortable purchasing process. In a two-stage project, first the high-quality product presentation was created followed by a full breed shop implementation in Neos. For this purpose, Neos was connected on many levels with the SAP instance of Römerturm managed in Sweden. Various data packages are transmitted via CSV and deployed automatically to all server instances via Jenkins.

Individual areas of the product maintenance, such as product structure, data import, etc., were deliberately developed and organised in separate packages. Thus the code remains self-sufficient and easy to maintain in every area. At the same time, the editor can view the status of the data via the Neos backend (and even understand it thanks to a simple traffic light display). Not only the very complex basic prices are determined, but via the comparison with 12,000 imported dealer addresses also individually negotiated prices are issued. In addition, the shopping cart and the entire ordering process were linked to SAP and implemented in Neos.

Römerturm NEOS 3 Interface

Over 1,000 new images were photographed for the product presentation. In order to ensure an optimal responsive presentation, the editor can upload an individually created zip of seven individual photos with the appropriate image detail, which are then played out for the respective breakpoints. Only then, with several thousand, mostly plain white DIN A 4 papers, do the fine differences - delicate grains and water lines - appear clearly visible on every terminal device. Together with the versatile search based on Elastic Search, Römerturm enables a buying experience that is outstanding in this bandwidth and quality on the paper market.

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