Canyon Sender Microsite
The campaign "Draw the line"

There are cycling fans who can recite the weight, suspension travel etc. of their bikes by heart - and paralyze whole parties with this topic. Downhillers - guys who throw themselves vertically down a mogul slope and congratulate themselves on the good GoPro recording after a fall - are definitely not among them. For the product launch of the new downhiller Canyon Sender a different approach had to be found. The campaign was realised as a microsite under the umbrella of

"Draw the line" was designed as a four-stage follow-up campaign. Over the promotional period, attention was generated by providing more information piece by piece. Phase 1 prepared the ground with atmospheric elements and shadowy hints, while Phase 2 presented first Erlkönig pictures and collected newsletter subscribers. In phase 3, the veil was finally lifted and the sale opened. The entire campaign was carried out without the usual texts and product specifications. The inclined plane of the pages immediately catches the eye and produces a dynamic that corresponds to the speed of the addressees.

2016 — 2017
Jahr der Werbung - Shortlist der Jury 2017

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