Website D’art Design Group & Neos 3

The award-winning specialist for sophisticated trade fair, interior and communication design relies entirely on the "show, don't tell" concept in its external presentation in order to win over customers and press representatives for the company's impressive range of services. Accordingly, one hopes that a website will above all provide this: an intuitive tool that quickly enables individual showcases to be presented to the world in high quality. In view of these requirements, wysiwyg* relied on the CMS Neos in the new version 3.0 to realise the D’art website in the desired quality.

Collage Dart NEOS 3 Interface

The comfortable backend allows editors to put together brilliant showcases using modular, visually convincing components. The editor is able to select the ideal image detail for different screenings in order to achieve maximum effect on every terminal device. Thanks to elaborate javascripts, these components are smoothly brought together in the front end, thread in and out, load without disturbance and thus convey a real impression of the spatial and communicative experiences that the works of the D'art Design Group create.

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