Canyon Spectral:ON
Product Special

When the exceptional brand Canyon Bicycles presents its first e-bike, it's clear that it's also something very special: More driving fun, more sport, in short: pure cycling on a new level. In the course of this, a structural conversion of the model family pages in the Canyon universe was carried out, so that the Spectral:ON - one could say befitting one's status - also sets the new direction in terms of design. In essence, the new family pages give the brand significantly more narrative possibilities. The aim is to focus on the big ideas rather than on all the small details.


Statements in eye-catching typography thus form a visible narrative structure. They are supported by very variable, interactive image and video formats as well as detailed information formats. Depending on your interest, you can click through picture series and clips and open various infolayers without having to leave the central narrative. The compact bike teaser wraps up the new family pages and provides a quick introduction to the shop world. On the basis of this structure, innovations such as Spectral:ON receive a communicatively well-functioning presentation that can be expanded in the future. The first steps have already been taken to establish special support for the brand new e-bikes.

2017 — 2018

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