Canyon Torque Special
Gravity without limits

As an agency for software, design and usability, we are of course mostly looking for harmonisation in user interfaces and content. Sometimes, however, the opposite is exactly what achieves the greatest effect. Within the broad spectrum of offerings that Canyon Bicycles serves, the gravity scene represents a special subculture for sports extremists. For the presentation of the new Torque, we therefore deliberately avoided the conventional structure and navigation of the bike model pages. In a certain sense, we let the new super racer, which pushes sporting boundaries, go far beyond the usual in its user experience as well.

A dedicated microsite offers Gravity fans explorative access to the content. The nebulous triad "unruly. unbound. unreal." does not make much sense until you are on the way at the earliest, but makes you curious and provides a fork in the path in terms of content, in order to open up the three central features and their (colour) worlds yourself. Similar to an enduro rider who spins a bottle in a clearing in the woods in order to decide on a route, the user thus penetrates deeper into the site at random. He always encounters content that is constantly presented in new and fascinating ways and "ennobled" by stars of the scene, so that at the end of a wild ride through the microsite there is no longer any doubt about the sportiness and versatility of the bike.

2017 — 2018
AWWWARDS Honorable Mention
Red Dot Communications Award

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