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Kumpan electric

With a range of up to 186km and a touch display, Kumpan electric sets out to revolutionize the scooter market with the electric scooter "1954 Ri". Founded in 2010, e-bility GmbH offers three different models under the Kumpan electric brand that perform seriously and offer something that most competitors lack: charm.

The current models combine state-of-the-art electric drive technology with an eye-catching retro design that can easily be imagined rattling through Milan to the espresso bar. It's just that finally there's nothing rattling anymore.

In addition to flair and user-friendliness, Kumpan's efficiency and longevity are also convincing, so that (as of 2018) Kumpan has succeeded in equipping not only Oberhausen but also other major German cities with the sharing models of the respective municipal utilities.

Kumpan Konfigurator

wysiwyg* was able to develop and deliver a slim and visually sophisticated solution within a very short time in the critical phase before the product launch of the "1954 Ri". The configurator is designed in such a way that it provides for later integration into the CMS and shop, thus solving the main problem of the old architecture of the website.

The new site marks the start of the brand's next evolutionary stage, which includes a scalable shop and CMS architecture designed to work for both end and business customers.

Kumpan 1950 Gepäcktasche, Kraftpaket Batterie
2018 – 2022
Design + framework

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