Collected 001


Tino Pohlmann Photography online

Collected. A new concept that combines temporary exhibitions with a permanent online exhibition. The online exhibition presents the exhibition theme in an innovative way and transfers it to the Internet. It complements the exhibition visit, increases visibility and range and serves also as a sale platform for the limited prints.


The Collected series starts with _arena, a tribute to one of the world's biggest sporting events: The Tour de France. The spectacular pictures by photographer Tino Pohlmann show the fascinating combination of nature and sport. The large-format images tell countless stories, hidden at first glance. The wait. The joy. The stunning contrast between the rough beauty of nature and the mass of spectators.

Collected 001 _arena catalogue and Poster

In addition to the concept, wyiswyg* has also created a website that perfectly stages the opening exhibition 001 _arena. The delicate grid above the visual is reminiscent of a focusing screen and adapts fluently to every device. The key visual combining photography, typography and grid forms the link for the integrated campaign with website, book cover and exhibition poster.

  • _arena entry poster
  • _arena opening
  • _arena rider number jackets
  • _arena – the artist
  • _arena – Huge, isn't it?
  • _arena – Details matter
  • waiting for the grand opening

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