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Jazzunique is a communication agency for real brand experiences. The Jazzunique team designs rooms, events and campaigns, starting from the brainstorming workshop, going on to the conceptual planning to the holistic realization. They create unforgettable encounters between brands and people. The new Jazzunique website reflects the emerging dynamic and magic of their work.

jazzunique mobile, exciting

Communication in a new dimension: the spatial experience and interaction, the creativity and the emotion, the stories and the love of detail - all that is transferred to the new website. The style elements reflect the architectural concepts and emotional messages in a convincing way: The different teaser formats, changing background colours, the claim and the animated logo are as unique, dynamic and lively as the events, concepts and ideas of Jazzunique. Lots of white space and a clear typo concept make the site look elegant, well-structured and lucid.

Work — and having fun at work

The complexity in the frontend is efficiently and easily designed in the backend - the Neos CMS fits perfectly to the individual needs. Always new, always special.

Neos Color Picker – homepage layout component

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