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Cosy but unusual: wysiwyg* designed and realised the website of the only German vitrapoint. The task was, of course, to present these home furnishing and decoration items in a professional manner and, in addition, to communicate the company's comprehensive consulting services, because vitrapoint is by no means satisfied with filling a room with chic furniture, but develops complete concepts for living and working environments. These achievements can be experienced in many areas, especially in the impressive references.

Diversity in beauty only pleases if one keeps the overview: The shop therefore offers several entrances to dive into the sublime product world blessed with design awards. The arrangement and presentation of the portfolio, which includes several thousand models in all variants, was chosen in such a way that the splendour of the furniture is not overwhelming, but rather engaging. This is one of the reasons why there is a clear separation between strolling & admiring for the pleasing first impression and configuring & filling out forms in the second step.


In terms of design, a small paradox should shape the task: "Not to look like Vitra, but still to look like Vitra". This was due to the special role of the licensee, who is not allowed to adopt the corporate design of the brand, but still wants to be the recognizable German reference point for the furniture. The solution is well worth seeing. A shop according to current standards was also realised on a technical level, for example with a completely flash-free, i.e. iPad-compatible product presentation, which is of course expandable in all aspects.

2010 – 2016
Shop system
wysiwyg* custom
wysiwyg* custom
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