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In the beginning there was the word - at least the philosophy of the website of the D'art Design Group corresponds to this idea formulated in Genesis. Based on designs by D'art, wysiwyg* developed a glossy website that covers the entire spectrum of trade fair, interior and communication design addressing primarily customers and secondarily press representatives. The content of the site is maintained using a specially adapted wysiwyg* CMS, which guarantees high design standards with as little editorial effort as possible.

In this sense, beauty lies in clarity: simple formats that are easy to edit and unfold to give maximum impact. The word, which is rather unusual for a design company, is given high priority here. The start page deliberately first stages text messages and then presents the opulent picture series of the impressive work examples in the second access. In this way, the conceptual strength of the design group is not simply asserted, but experienced on the website.


D’art Design Presenter

Every service provider and especially agencies are dependent on the presentation of work examples, always in different content-related and situational contexts. The D'art Design Group convinces with aesthetic solutions in the field of trade fair, interior and communication design. wysiwyg* has developed a tool based on an idea from D'art that enables employees to individually compile a portfolio presentation based on the work examples prepared for the D'art website. For this purpose, existing pages of the website are offered via an interface as HTML pages capable of presentation.

The employee accesses these (and other supplementary slides) via online access and configures his presentation online, which he can then play in full-screen mode via the browser. If no network is available on site, the presentation can also be started as an offline version from the hard disk. And thanks to scaling images and flexible scripting, this can in principle be done from any end device, with mouse, touch and keyboard control possible. With this tool, D'art not only sees itself in a position to hold a CI-compliant, high-quality presentation in any situation, this tool will also be integrated into new trade fair concepts.

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