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It's a good fit. The Federal Employment Agency, which had the task of making it possible for the streams of refugees who reach Germany to learn German, also thought about this, because Deutsche Welle has plenty of German courses.

wysiwyg* and complex information. That’s a good fit as well, thought Deutsche Welle and Capgemini while they were starting to develop formats, editing and content for the "Basic German Course". With the participation of didacticians of language mediation, the target group situation and the best dosage delivery form (telenovela, multiple choice, adventure, audio...) were fought over in order to give shape to the courses.

At the same time, we saw our first task in project consulting, i.e. finding the "how" to the "what". The first technical approach - exclusively a (hybrid) app - was re-evaluated to finally jointly adopt a viable construct: a modular website based on a responsive framework.

Deutschkurs funktional und responsive

The didactic bracket now consists of video stories on everyday topics that the protagonist Nico experiences on his way through Germany. Attached to these, the learner will find a variety of tasks and tests suitable for the level, all of which are completely usable from the smallest smartphone to the largest desktop. After you register, you will also receive personalised vocabulary tests and progress indicators in all courses.

A relatively powerful scope, levels A1 - B1, video and audio integration and over twenty different task types, Arabic (right-to-left) interface languages, vocabulary testing and user management posed some challenges for both the interface and the DW content management system. Both the CMS and the CSS framework have been heavily modified, and numerous audio playback and review features have been completely redesigned.

With this effort, it is easy to overlook what the most important features of "BaKu" are for language students: It can be reached from anywhere - and costs nothing but the effort to learn.

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