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Funny in sitcoms, not at all in everyday office life: A poorly fitting wardrobe off the rack buries rows of middle management's dreams of advancement. At least as far as shirts are concerned, the newly founded company ‘shirts on the fly’ provides a remedy: Here, the user is able to create a tailor-made shirt in just a few clicks - at competitive prices and delivery times.

Of course, the exact self-measurement is decisive here: short, precise videos explain the individual "measurements", while the user creates his measurement profile and saves it for further purchases. But not only the numbers count, also information about the anatomy is collected: The self-critical user also enters: small breasts, pointed shoulders or small bellies to the best of his knowledge and measurement - this is the only way to achieve a perfect fit.


In the tidy product overview, the user chooses his favourite fabric and has all the freedom he needs in the subsequent configuration: Kent collar or cutaway, slim fit or tailor fit, breast pocket or not etc. All processes are broken down into simple steps, visualised in an attractive and understandable way and solved in a technically elegant way.

Tailor-made for the tailor

The online shop is based on a multi-client capable CMS. In this case, this does not only mean the possibility of delivering country and language versions in the appropriate form for every market: For the Chinese tailor, multilingual orders from Europe with their complex dimensions are directly converted into Mandarin by the system.

CMS/shop system
wysiwyg* custom
Special features

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