Hering Schuppener
Brand Communication

The Düsseldorf team of Hering Schuppener Markenkommunikation is part of the management consultancy Hering Schuppener. But it has its own profile and cultivates a more agency-like style. This special offer to customers could not be sufficiently highlighted throughout the entire website of the group of companies.

Parallel to this, a separate site was created, which emphasises the affiliation to the group of companies and at the same time creates a lot of space for the pictorial presentation of the company. On a pleasing first level, the visitor can comfortably get an overview in order to go deeper if interested, e.g. via accompanying explanations and references.

The range of services offered by Hering Schuppener Markenkommunikation can be experienced in the two relevant dimensions that are decisive for customers: The extensive experience in various industries from automotive to retail as well as the range of competencies, ranging from brand design and media events to crisis management.

wysiwyg* illustrated the portfolio with carefully crafted pictures. In the style of spontaneous chalk drawings they transport the strengths in the areas of concept and brainstorming.

Hering Schuppener
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