"Good soil, good pet food. I don't know why everything has to be so complicated today," says Inga Vellenga, in one of the likeable defu testimonials which characterise the brand identity created by the agency schoepfung. The same statement could also be made for the technical realisation of the project. Well, a responsive web presence, i.e. a website that automatically adapts its display to the end device that calls it up, regardless of whether it is a 20-inch monitor or mobile phone display and always looks good, is no small thing. However, if the customer, partner and agency are well organised and able to cope with the new requirements in terms of formats, content and technology, this does not always have to be complicated today, dear Inga Vellenga.


The online shop comes with a narrative section with beautiful picture series and harmonious texts, inviting you to explore the brand philosophy with a tablet or mobile phone on the couch. Here defu continues to rely on the popular shop system Magento. This has also been integrated into the responsive set up so that the pet owner can order the pet food directly from the vet's waiting room.

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