Nanna van Blaaderen
Fashion & Home Textiles

Nanna van Blaaderen is deeply rooted in the long tradition of innovative textile design of her Dutch homeland. She is intensively involved with patterns, shapes and colours from nature, which she combines into thematically themed collections of fashion and home textiles. The website presents her works, which consist of 100% natural materials, in an individual way. Here, slim sculptured texts leave room for a rich and clear visual language that underscores Nannas credo: Admiration and respect in dealing with nature.

The focus of the presentation on Nanna van Blaaderen's website is always the product. Regardless of the device used, their work is always presented in a convincing and large format. How carefully the website deals with the works presented is demonstrated by the finesse of the design: The texts always keep a proper distance from the designs shown, regardless of the screen size. And if the space is not enough anymore, they even disappear completely. In this way, admiration and respect in dealing with nature symbolically meets its technical equivalent.

2014 — 2017
wysiwyg* custom
wysiwyg* custom
Annual Multimedia 2015
Deutscher Design Club 2014
iF Communication Design Award 2015

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