Masterpieces in oil

The BIO PLANÈTE brand was developed from Europe's first organic mill founded under the sun of southern France. The company has moved its headquarters to Klappendorf in Saxony, but still stands for high-quality native organic oils. With a lot of love and imagination, the range has grown to 70 different oils, ranging from almost forgotten cultivated plants from regional cultivation to exotic ones such as the oil of the argan tree, which today only thrives in some areas of Morocco. The new website should now provide the proper stage for these valuable products and present the values-oriented work of the company both creatively and narratively.

The responsive site presents itself in naturalistic clarity and provides a lot of space for atmospheric imagery. Even on small screens, the observer has a good overview of the extraordinary assortment. The view glides relaxed through pleasantly structured overviews and product sliders. Nutritional physiological tips are presented unobtrusively, along with tasty recipes. In addition, in lovingly designed portraits you get to know some of the hand-picked oil fruit producers and their work. A little taste finder helps you to sharpen your senses for fine oils and to work out your own preferences. By now at the latest, the user should be inclined to visit the connected dealer finder and buy an Egyptian black cumin oil from the organic market he trusts. Or Peruvian Sacha-Inchi-oil? Or poppy-seed oil? Or…

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